Ideas for Craft Space

Craft space is the creative place in which you give form to your ideas. This inspirational corner should be cosy and warm, inviting you to go there everytime you have a project in mind.

If you want to get more info about a low-cost project, look at this article. There I explain how I developed and designed my craft space, that is still working in progress 💡
From industrial style characterized for stools, shelves made of wood, lights to a shabby style, where putting also candles and lights as well as furnitures which colors shades range from white to gray.

How to find inspiration?

First decide your budget. Then create a list of what your needs are and the furniture and accessories you will need to find your tools easier. I share with you some inspirational places I looked at when I was planning to create my personal space as well as websites on which you can plan what to purchase.

where to buy?

  • Ikea
  • Maison Du Monde: for every request, I love this place because it really offers lot of styles and trends for each need. The one which I prefer is the industrial style.
  • Westwing for higher budgets, and this is not my case, maybe in another life LOL
  • Tessuti: apart from lovely fabrics and yarns, there’s a section in which you can easily find accessories for your sewing hobby.
  • Perles and Co: I just want to try this web site that I really really look everyday, but since I have a lot of fabrics and things to finish I need to wait. I’ve already created I wish list!!!

Take inspiration not looking at the space used to organize the activity, but how they organized their place, using boxes, stationery to organize and personalize the space.

Sew Many Ways proposal of a craft space
“Sew Many Ways” proposal of a craft space
The Magazine “Houzz” from Spain proposes different styles for craft space

Stop dreaming, now it’s your turn to make your dreams come true!

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